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Replica Irish Medals
Caveat Emptor: Buyer beware of the VERY GOOD quality fakes in circulation
Fake & Replica Easter Rising 1916 Medals Front Fake & Replica Easter Rising 1916 Medals Back
The fake 1916 is on the left hand side in both pictures above, its circumference is almost correct, its depth is 25% too small and it weigh is 42%too light.. Colour is hard to compare as originals vary so much anyway.
War Of Independence Replica Fake Copied Medals Front War Of Independence Replica Fake Copied Medals Back
The two 1917 - 1921 Comrac medals above have the fake on the left hand side, The fake's circumference is 2% too small, depth is 15% too small and it weighs 17% too little.
1971 War Of Independence Fake Replica Medals Front 1971 War Of Independence Fake Replica Medals Back
In the 1971 example the fake is again on the left hand side. Its circumference is 6% too small, depth 37% too shallow and 43% too light.
Detailed photographs of the 1916 "Australian" COPY
hozovantal join ring above is the wrong diameter
Above you can see a horizontal join as a result of the manufacturing process of the copy. This is different to the original The ring above is the wrong diameter , it is the wrong thickness and is open. All differ to to original.
ribbon is made of cotton finishing of the cast
The ribbon is made of cotton and shows very obvious horizontal lines. This is incorrect. The finishing of the cast is of a much inferior quality.
There was a debate on an excellent medal forum on the existence of a source of fake 1916 medals originating from Belfast. The topic was shut down (correctly I believe) by the forum moderator due to the nature of some postings  being made.

I have included my last posting on the subject below.


We are all only able to compare any items (and in this case photographs of the items) to what we consider to be correct. In my opinion there is no definitive authority on the subject.

I had the pleasure of discussing the 1916 medal, with the son of the gentleman who made the 1942 & 1943 batches. He explained to me some of the methods used in manufacturer especially relating to the addition of the ring.

I have also traced the decedent of the owner of the company that used the ONLY other die in the manufacturer of the 1970’s version of the 1916 medal.

My web site has allowed me meet over a dozen owners of medals of family members who still have their medals and others who sold me medal sets that I added to what I consider is my extensive collection of this item.

 At least 3 other readers of this forum who have not posted on the subject have quantities of 1916 medals in the same range. I do not believe anyone anywhere could have a medal that has been authenticated by a number of “experts”. If a number of experts exist I think they are in 4 different countries (and 3 continents)

I have posted here before showing a 1916 medal I received direct from the estate of my grandfathers best friend who fought in Jacobs (or didn’t actually fight very much as is probably nearer the truth at this location). This medal was shown to one of the two main Dublin auction houses, where the medal was deemed a fake. Further documentation & a little research have proven it is one of the 1970’s manufactured medals. My point is who is “an expert” .

The eBay medal version for sale at 30 euro approx. is exactly as it claims to be. A poor quality reproduction. No-one will confuse it with an original and thus it can be ignored.

The Australian coy (as shown on my site) will not fool anyone who has access to a real 1916 medal for comparison purposes. I don’t believe that this is the medal under discussion on this forum.

There is however another copy. I do not posses it but I was able to examine one when it went for sale at a Republican & Loyalist memorabilia sale in Victor Mee's auction house two years ago in Cloverhill on the Cavan /Fermanagh border. This medal was also viewed by a chairperson of The Medal Society of Ireland and it was withdrawn from the auction as its authenticity was in doubt.

I believe this was an example of a very real attempt to manufacturer fakes to fool the public. I believe that most purchasers could be fooled by this medal.

The other medal set with provenance sold that day was authentic.

Provenance from the recipients family is the only proof of a real medal, all others, I believe, could be fakes.

There are a number of errors and tell tale signs with this latest fake medal, but if there is a forger out there, and I believe there is, then it would not serve any purposes for any of us to make him aware of the inaccuracies on this public forum.

Gentlemen, I may be incorrect in my belief, however I may be correct. I look forward to your comments and criticisms of my post on this topic.

This is a medal (!) that has recently been seen for sale and i believe is a modern item
Modern Medal Front Modern Medal Back
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