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1916 Publications From The English Side
1916 Easter week Travel Pass Dublin Metropolitian Police Pass 1916
A rare travel pass issued a few days after the Rising ended, 8th May 1916 by Major" A.P.M" at Monkstown, issued to Knollys Stokes to travel to and from Kingstown (later Dun Laoghaire) to Dublin
1916 Dublin Metropolitan Police pass through the streets of the City and D.M.P. area
Importanat Announcement by the lordLieutenant Easter 1916 Important Announcement By the Lord Lieutenant.
  The Lord Lieutenant has issued The following statement from the Vice-Regal Lodge:-   During the night the Royal Naval Reserve Gunboat On the Liffey shelled, and the Troops subsequently Occupied Liberty Hall (Headquarters of the Sinn Fein Force). Meanwhile large reinforcements have arrived In Dublin, including detachment of 10,000 troops from England, with Artillery, Engineers and Medical Corps. In Other portions of the city the situation is well In hand. Repairs to telegraph lines now being rapidly Effected.
  By Order  
 Dated 26th April, 1916.  

 Printed at Headquarters Printing Office, Curragh
Progress Of The Millitary Against the Rebels Easter 1916 Progress of Military Operations against The Rebels
The following message was published by headquarters Irish Command at 9.30 p.m. last night:-
“The Sinn Fein Rebels in the area – Capel St. – Gt. Britain St. – Lower Gardiner Street, are completely surrounded by a cordon of Troops which is gradually closing on the centre. The troops assisted by Artillery, are gradually overcoming resistance.   One of the principal Rebel leaders, P. H. Pearse is known to be inside The cordon suffering from a fractured thigh. The woman known as Countess Markievich has also been seen inside. Another leader – James Connolly – is reported killed. The adjoining area, containing the Four Courts, is also surrounded by a cordon which is closing on its centre, and containing therein most of the Rebels.   A Division, complete with Artillery, is now operating in Dublin Area, and more Troops are constantly arriving. Arrangements are being made To intern in England, all Sinn Feiners captured or surrendered, who are not Dealt with here. Roger Casement has declared that Germany has sent all the Assistance she is going to send, and this is now at the bottom of the sea.  
 By Order   Dated 30th April, 1916  
 Printed at Headquarters Printing Office, Curragh.
Unconditional Surrender of the Rbel Forces Easter 1916 Unconditional Surrender Of the Rebel Forces.
The following document signed By the leaders of the Rebels was Published in Dublin last night At 10.20 p.m.:-
“In order to prevent the further slaughter of un- armed people, and in the hopes of saving the lives of our followers, now surrounded and hopelessly out- numbered, members of the Provisional Government present at Headquarters have agreed to an unconditional surrender, and the commanders of all units of the Republican Forces will order their followers to lay Down their arms”
 (Signed) P. H. Pearse
                                 Dated 29th April, 1916
…………………………………………………………   Published by order, on this the 30th Day of April, 1916.  

Printed at Headquarters Printing Office, Curragh.  
Martial Law Easter 1916 Suspension of the Defence of The Relm Act Ireland Easter 1916
 Regulations to be Observed under Martial Law
in Dublin City and County [including a curfew from 7.30 pm to 5.30 am] until further notice, issued by Maj. Gen. L.B. Friend, Commanding the Troops in Ireland, 26 April 1916 [Wednesday of Easter Week].
Royal Proclamation, Easter 1916
By the King [poster]. Proclamation for suspending in Ireland the operation of Section 1 of the defence of the Realm (Amendment) Act, 1915 (right of a British subject to be tried by Civil Court). Given at our Court at Windsor Castle, 26 April 1916 [Wednesday of Easter Week]
Martial Law Proclomation General Maxwell's' Ultimatum
Martial Law in Ireland, Easter 1916
A Proclamation [poster] declaring Martial Law in 'that part of the United Kingdom called Ireland' for a period of one month, issued by Lord Wimborne, Lord Lieutenant, 29 April 1916 [Saturday of Easter Week].
General Maxwell's' Ultimatum
Maxwell, J.G. General Commanding in Chief the Forces in Ireland
. "Public Notice. Arms & Ammunition." Ordering 'all members of the Irish Volunteer Sinn Fein Organisation, or the Citizen Army," to surrender Arms ammunition and explosives in their possession to the nearest military or police authority; and warning that anyone found in possession of arms or explosives after 6 May 1916 will be severely dealt with. Dated 2 May 1916.
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