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1924 Service Pensions (Easter Week & War of Independence Service)
Any person who rendered active service in Oglaigh na hÉireann or a kindred organisation during the week commencing 23 April (Easter Week), 1916 was eligible to be awarded a certificate of service and a military service pension under the Military Service Pensions Acts 1924.
All such persons were later also eligible for the award of the 1916 Medal which was instituted in 1941.
The Minister for defence recommended the issue of a medal with bar to all persons awarded service under the Military Service Pensions Acts and those who did not apply for a pension but who satisfy the Minister that they rendered service between 1916 and 1921 and a medal without bar to all those enrolled the IRA, Fianna Eireann, Cumann na mBann and the Irish Citizen Army not less than three months prior to 11th July 1921 but who did not qualify for a pension.
1934 Service Pensions  (1916, 1917 - 1921 & the inclusion of Civil War Service)

To qualify for a pension an applicant must show that he had military service subsequent to the 1st July, 1922, as well as service in Easter Week or throughout either of the periods 1st April, 1920, to the 31st March, 1921, or from the 1st April, 1921, to 11th July, 1921. Applicants who secure a service certificate will be awarded a pension on the basis of their rank on the 11th July, 1921, or on the 1st July, 1922, whichever is the higher.

The Pension Grades & Ranks are as shown
A Higher than that of Major-General
B Colonel or Major-General
C Commandant or Major
D Lieutenant or Captain
E Private or Non-commissioned Officer
Pension file application and determination of Mr. J-- N---.
Notice to accompy a 1924 / 1934 pension application An application would consist of an account of the applications participation in republican groups from "week commencing 16th April 1916 to 30th September 1923
The text of the example on the right is shown below.
I joined Fianna Éireann in 1910 and continued with same until I transferred to “A coy 3rd Battalion D.B. [Dublin Brigade] Irish volunteers. Prior to 1916 I took part in Howth Gun Running & body guard at lying in state of O’Donovan Rosa in city hall etc.   1916. I was mobilised on Easter Saturday night for parade on Easter Sunday. This parade was cancelled on Sunday morning. I paraded with Irish Volunteers 3rd Batt. At University College o Easter Monday morning and marched with the cycle section to 25 Northumberland Road which house was taken over by Lieut. Malone. He instructed me to scout around Baggers’ Bush Barracks and report on movements of Troops. After some hours Lieut. Malone questioned me as whether I belonged to Irish Volunteers and on hearing that I was not and that I was only attached to Fianna, he advised me to return home stating he would not accept any responsibility for me owing to my age. I was then just over16 years of age. I went home about 3 or 4 o’clock having tried to get into “Jacobs” but they would ..................
The "Determination of Active Service
as established to the satisfaction of the Referee" would show the applicants "appropriate pensionable years" and Grade
 Period (1) Week commencing 23/4/16 ( i.e. Easter week) had a weighted factor of 5 years while period (9) the main year of the war of independence was weighted as two years (note t.b.c.)
1934 Irish Service Certificate
1934 Service Certificate Pension bands and grades
This was then converted to a monetary amount to be paid in the form of a pension.
1934 Pension Value
Pension file application and determination of Mrs. A------- N------ the wife of the above applicant.
1934 Service CertificateCumann na mban
1934 Pension Award Certificate
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